Dear Families, 

    I hope this letter finds you well! My name is Ms. Grieco and I am the Science Education teacher here at the GFB. My general teaching philosophy revolves around inquiry, so as a science teacher, my goal is to facilitate your children in the science inquiry process. I am so excited to be working with your kids this school year and am eager to let their curiosity drive their science learning experience! 

    The education of science encourages critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and inquiry! So, what does inquiry look like in an elementary science classroom?

    • Asking open-ended questions to dig deeper into science concepts

    • Using evidence from observations and investigations to create logical explanations and answer questions

    • Challenging minds to use creative and critical thinking to problem-solve

    • Interpreting science to explain the world around them using multimodal and collaborative learning 

    Expectations in Science Class:

    • Listen and follow directions

    • Raise your hand

    • Be kind and respectful

    The following link(s) reflects the overall progression of information our students are covering. Here is a monthly look at the units, objectives, standards and resources our K-2 students are covering:











    Below I linked my Amazon Wish List, which is a list of items that will be used in our science class; this list includes sanitary products to keep our students safe as well as engaging materials that supplement our lessons and push students towards further inquiry and exploration!

    Amazon Wishlist 2022-2023

    I’m looking forward to an exciting year of exploration and discovery with our students! Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. You can contact me at mgrieco@winthrop.k12.ma.us  😃



    Ms. Grieco




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