• September 2023k-2 art room

    Hello, and welcome to Art! 

    As your students' art teacher, I aim to foster and support their growth as they take their first steps in discovering and exploring their imagination and the world of Art and creative expression in a safe, inclusive classroom environment. 

    My goal is to be an inspiring and empowering mentor in your student's life, to engage and motivate them to learn more about creativity and the arts. The arts can build awareness and empower individuals with the power of their imagination and creativity as they become confident and capable contributors to society. I want to create confident, self-directed lifelong learners who are productive contributors to the diverse global community. I will ensure that my lessons are student-centered and differentiated to make learning goals attainable for everyone. My classroom will be a place where all students are welcomed and will learn to collaborate with, respect, and appreciate the diversity of our student population.

    My passion lies in sharing my experiences with the creative process and knowledge of the power of positive thinking and what it has the potential to accomplish. Creative confidence is important to students and all lifelong learners' long-term success and happiness.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at j.osburn@winthrop.k12.ma.us.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,

    Mr. Osburn