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    Please welcome the 2021-2022 GFB PTO Executive Board
    Co-Presidents: Lauren Capasso & Rita Mansfield
    Co-Vice Presidents: Kristina Duff & Jacqueline Bagnera-Brandao
    Secretary: Lara Van Lannen
    Co-Communication Specialists: Janine Santilli & Victoria Stone
    Treasurer: Sebastien Lamiaux
    Here are this year's meeting dates
    Gorman Fort Banks PTO
    PTO Meeting Dates
    All meetings will be at 6:30pm at the Gorman Fort Banks Cafeteria
    All attendees must wear a mask


    Tuesday, Sept 14

    Thursday, Feb 10

    Thursday, Oct 14

    Thursday, March 10

    Thursday, Nov 18

    Thursday, April 14

    Thursday, Dec 9

    Thursday, May 12

    Thursday, Jan 13
    Thursday, June 9

    Email fortbankspto@gmail.com or contact your child's teacher for more information." or go to facebook @fortbankspto