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Welcome to Preschool

Welcome to Preschool Rm. 135!

                As you know I am your child’s preschool teacher, Ms. Jen.  Working with me is Ms. Debbie, who is with me all day. 
                Monday through Friday we have Ms. Brenda, an occupational therapist, working with our friends to help reinforce and build new skills. We have lots of fun!

                 Ms. Natalie, a speech and language therapist comes in the room on Friday, to do a special group activity related to some fun stories.  She helps the children develop sequencing and comprehension skills in fun ways.  We always enjoy when Ms. Natalie comes in!

Our Class Rules
(These are posted in our circle area)
Raise a quiet hand
Walking feet
Listening ears
Quiet voices
Nice hands
                In our circle area, we have some pointer on how to be a “5 Star Listener,” they are: 1) Eyes are watching, 2) Ears are listening, 3)Lips are closed, 4) Hands are still and 5) Feet are quiet.   The children respond very well to this and do a great job following this!