Degrees and Certifications:

BS chemistry and physics PhD chemistry

Mr. Palamakumbura

Winthrop High School Vision of the Graduate

Welcome you all. I teach Chemistry and biology. This is my fifth year of teaching. In prior years I have taught physics and computer science as well. Before becoming a teacher I worked as a chemist in industry where I worked on developing chemical and biological sensors. I have teaching credentials in chemistry, physics and biology

  • Schoology Access Codes (2021/22):

    Chemistry Hon Period 1: G694-PF55-GBWHN  Syllabus -

    Chemistry CP Section 2: DRFT-PDPQ-TWSQ9  Syllabus -

    Chemistry CP Section 3: BWV5-FG32-JC8SQ

    Chemistry CP Section 1: G694-PF55-GBWHN

    EnvSci - HON Period 4: 8GC6-CDQJ-QPTJW  Syllabus -

    EnvSci - CP  Period 4: VWQ9-TV3D-6QXC6 Syllabus -