• WHS at METG Drama Festival Semifinals

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 4/4/2022

    Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of "Everyman" for being named a winner at the METG Drama Festival State Seminfinals on Saturday!

    All Star Company awards were given to:
    Will Gillis for Sound Design
    Jolena Zaccaria for Stage Management
    Sarah Delehanty for Acting
    Dan Tracy for Acting
    Chris Raney for Acting

    Cast and Crew

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  • Dissection in Mr. Davis' Biology Class

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 3/23/2022

    Mr. Davis' Honors Biology students completed pig heart dissections this week.

    Here are some action shots of students Will Murphy, Michael Holgerson, Matt Reardon, Matt Noonon, Luke Githinji, Marwa Mimouni, Marwa Jaafar, and Sophia Bocchio having some fun in class!

    Biology StudentsBiology StudentsBiology Students

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  • MASC Leadership Conference for WHS STUCO

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 3/14/2022
    WHS Student Council Advisors Ms. Delsolio and Mrs. Racette took a delegation of five STUCO members to the annual MASC Spring Leadership Conference (usually held in Hyannis). They participated in various leadership activities, trainings, and roundtables throughout the course of the day. The WHS Student Council was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for their continuing efforts over the course of another challenging year.
    Mia Martucci, JD Parker, and Mia Norris were presented with the Commonwealth Award to recognize their leadership efforts. 
    Mia Martucci was the NEMASC regional recipient of the Unsung Hero Award. She was nominated by her advisors and council, and then a team of judges selected her as the most deserving STUCO member of the Northeast region. 
    The WHS delegation was: Mia Martucci, JD Parker, Mia Norris, Hannah Parker, and Sage Calinda.
    Mia MartucciMia Martucci
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  • Ms. Baker's AP Environmental Science Class Project

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 12/7/2021

    Ms. Baker's AP Environmental Science students built EcoColumns to model the interdependence of terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems. 

    Students assembled chambers, planted seeds and measured soil chemistry data over 7 weeks in the fall.   They monitored the pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, temperature and dissolved oxygen.  Eventually they were able to keep a fish alive in the aquatic chamber.  Students made connections to the biogeochemical cycles in nature and to nutrient pollution.

    Science Students

    Casey Peterson, Reese Brodin, Jess Soares

    "We need to begin to start treating our world like our own huge ecocolumn. We need to check in on it, make sure it has enough resources, and that we are not doing anything to negatively affect those resources."  Zoe Long and Michael Callanan lab report

    Science Students

    Ava Martello, Alana Ronin
    "Our hypothesis for our ecocolumn is: If the ecosystem we create is balanced; including both biotic factors (producers, consumers, and decomposers) and abiotic factors (air, soil, water, and sunlight), then the organisms (fish and bugs) within the ecosystem will survive, because they can get the resources they need through the chemical cycles (water, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen)."  Ava B., Tom P., Summer T., Courtney H.
    Science Students
    Chris Cappuccio, Emily Rodriguez
    Science Students
    Reese Brodin, McKenzie Margardo
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  • A Special Gift from the Class of 2021

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 11/24/2021

    The Class Officers and Advisors from the Class of 2021 revealed their Class Gift to Winthrop High School during Thanksgiving Break.  This special monument is located on the northeast corner of the high school facing Miller Field.    

    Thank you Class of 2021 for such a wonderful gift!

    Class of 2021

    Pictured above: Mrs. Daigneault, Maura Dorr, Jenna Dorr, Stephen Perullo, Bryan Conciecao, Rachel Farley and Marissa Ferarra

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  • Q1 Students of the Term

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 11/23/2021

    The WHS Q1 Students of the Term were recognized in a ceremony in the HS library on November 23rd.   

    Below is a picture from the ceremony and the names of the Students of the Term:

    Students of the Term

    Name Subject
    Ferguson, April English Language Arts II
    Hernandez, Ariana English Language Arts I
    Moussadek, Naoual Geometry
    Norris, Mia Introduction to Psychology
    Correa Palacio, Manuela Modern US History
    Martucci, Talia English Language Arts I
    Houari, Mohammed Modern U.S. History
    Munson,Sophia Child Growth and Development
    Stevens, Kenny Algebra II
    Bruno, Ariana Geometry
    Whittaker, Raymond STEAM
    Santamaria Aguilar, Edwin Chemistry
    Flat Polanco, Miguel Modern World History
    Diaz, Robert Digital Media III
    Mesa Gallego, Schristopher English Language Arts I
    MacElree, Alexis Biology
    Tracy, John AP Biology
    Moretti, Vincenzo Algebra I
    Rice, John Physics
    Clancy, Iris Modern World History
    Norena, Derick Academic Support
    Goudge, Holly Comprehensive Introduction to Art
    Souza Dias, Maria ESL II
    Harrison, Megan English Language Arts III
    Santamaria Aguilar, Edwin Algebra II
    Mesa Gallego, Schristopher Algebra I
    Linehan, Quinn Algebra I
    Raneri, Shannon Exploration in Drama
    Goudge, Megan Spanish IV
    Brodin, Reese Physical Education
    Carney, Elizabeth Early U.S.History
    Ferguson, April Spanish II
    Wein, Ben Spanish I
    Bordonaro, Giulia Spanish II
    McCarey, Nora AP Literature and Composition
    DiNuccio, Brooke Geometry
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  • National Letter of Intent Day

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 11/10/2021

    WHS Senior Ray Whittaker signed his letter of intent to attend Purdue University in the Fall as a member of their NCAA Division 1 Swim Program.   Congrats Ray!

    Ray is pictured below with his parents on National Letter of Intent Day:

    Ray Whittaker

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  • Boys Soccer - Viking Super Fans

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 11/10/2021

    The WHS boys soccer team had an excellent season and advanced to the second round of the state tournement.   Their season ended with a loss in a hard fought game against Rockland High School.   The Viking Super Fans below traveled all the way to Holbrook to support the team:

    Super Fans

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  • Halloween Fun at WHS

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 10/29/2021
    Our WHS students participated in some fun Halloween Activities on Friday!  
    A picture of Ryan Nolen, the winner of the Halloween Race:
      Halloween Race
    A pictures from the Pizza Contest with Life Skills and Post Grads including the winner Joey Guiffre!
    Pizza Contest
    A picture of Halloween Essay contest winner Dillon Burke
    Essay Winner
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  • College Fair at WHS

    Posted by MATTHEW CROMBIE on 10/14/2021

    WHS hosted the annual College Fair on October 14th.   Over 50 colleges, universities, and post-secondary organizations were in attendance to provide information to WHS students and families.   


    College Fair

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