Building on their previous experience and knowledge in art, fifth graders will continue to apply previously learned concepts and skills, as well as starting to work on more complex concepts and multi-step projects.  Some of the main concepts and skills included will be:


    Principles and Elements of Art

    One-Point Perspective

    Color Theory


    Observational Drawing Skills

    Mixed-media sculpture


    Organizing and completing complex multi-step projects

    Developing skills to analyze and discuss artwork of their own and others



    One Point Perspective

    Fifth grade students worked hard to start the 2018-2019 school year adding to their one-point perspective drawing skills, drawing sky high perspective buildings.  Students cut their buildings out and then painted skies, space and planets as a background for their buildings.  By selecting colors that contrast, students were able to emphasize their buildings and planets. 

    sample          sample           sample                                                                                                                                             

  • Kooky Critters

    After learning about Mexican sculptural folk art, called Alebrijes, students were challenged to make their own paper mache animals.  Their design challenge required their sculptures either stand or sit, be well-crafted and reflect a use of myth or fanstasy.  After sketching their ideas, student built armatures of paper, tape and aluminum foil to which they then applied paper mache.  Lastly, students added bright colors and decorations to their sculptures reminiscent of the vivid patterns of Alebrijes.

                             sample                   sample      



  • Abstract Figures

    This year students learn about abstract art through the work of Joan Miro.  After discussing the techniques Miro used to abstract animals and people students used these strategies to make their own abstract figures in artworks that express fun and happy emotions.


    samole                 sample               sample

  • Zentangle

    Fifth graders learned about Op Art, art that creates illusion, starting with a look at the artwork of M.C. Escher and Bridget Riley.  After discussing the importance of contrast and rhythm in the artwork of Bridget Riley they explored the elements and principles of art including repetition, variety, contrast and rhythm in their own black and white zentangle artworks. 


                       sample       sample


                       sample       sample