• If you are looking for maps or want to find out about the places and people of our country or the world, just click on the links below.




    100 Most Famous Landmarks Around the World: This list will take uou on a visual tour of beautiful, interesting, and unusual places.
    Atlapedia: This digital atlas provides maps of any country in the world.   Postcards From America:: See the USA from sea to shining sea and all through postcards.
    Canada ABCs: Learn about the land and people of our neighbor to the north.   Timeline: Click on a year and find out the major historical events that happened.
    50states.com: This site is a great source of information about our fifty states.   US Presidents: Learn about these famous leaders from this official White House page.
    Geoglobe: This site has lots of interactive games to test your geography,   US Presidents: Use the drop down menu to find interesting facts about our presidents.
    Geography - USA: What do you know about US geography? Click here and find out.   You are the Historian: Learn and compare life as a Pilgrim and Wampanoag.
    Landforms: Learn about the  different types of land such as canyons, deserts, and mountains.   Enchanted Learning US States
    Netstate: This site is a complete resource for US geography and state information.   Flight Simulator:  Online Flight Simulator with Worldwide Satellite Images
    Mr. Nussbaum: Explore the themes of social studies in this information-packed website.