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    Animal Facts A - Z: This National Geographic site is a great place to learn about the interesting animals that share our world.    San Diego Zoo: Click on the link Animals and Plants to read and learn about some very fascinating creatures.
    Animal Index A - Z: Everything you want to know about animals is listed from A - Z.   Science Games For Kids: Enjoy fun science games while learning more about science and technology.
    Animal Planet: This is a great source for information and videos on animals.   Science News For Kids:Here you'll find timely news about science as well as hands on activities you can do at home and/or school.
    Biomes of the World: Find out what it's like to live in different ecosystems.   Scientists and Inventors: Ducksters biographies for kids
    Duckster Animals: Here are even more facts about animals.   Star Child: Learn about our solar system from this informative site sponsored by NASA. Click on the earphone and the text will be read aloud.
    Endangered Animals: Learn about animals that are extinct or endangered.   SwitchZoo: You'll love mixing and matching different body parts to create imaginative and unique creatures.
    Engineering Games: Design, build and test your way through these games.   Turtle Diary:  Turtle Diary has a vast collection of science kids games covering such topics as the human body, weather, life cycles, animals, and much more. 
      Utah Education NetworkEnjoy exploring interactive science games for students.
      Wildlife Junior Journal: Use the A - Z index to find interesting about animals.