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21 Things You Can Do to Help Your Children Succeed in School

21 Things You Can Do to Help Your Children Succeed in School
At Home:
  1. Ask about your children’s homework-what it is-when it’s due-and check to make sure they do it.
  2. Provide a quiet place-with good light and away from distractions-for your children to do homework.
  3. Make sure your children get a good night’s sleep each night and eat a healthy, substantial breakfast each morning.
  4. Talk to your children about school for at least a few minutes each day to let them know you are interested and you think school is important.
  5. Teach your children respect for others and responsibility for their own behavior.
  6. Make sure your children get regular health and dental check-ups.
  7. Limit children’s exposure to TV and video games.
  8. Be positive about school. If parents say “I wasn’t good at school” or “I really didn’t like school,” this can turn children away from learning.
  9. Check the school website on a regular basis to stay informed.
  10. Read to your children or look at a book with them for at least 10-15 minutes per day.
  11. Give children small rewards for success (either behavior or academic) at school.
  12. Praise them when they get good grades or do their homework regularly without complaint.
At School:
1.      Attend back-to-school nights and parent/teacher conferences to meet your children’s teachers.
2.      If you are concerned about something, contact/meet with the teacher(s) promptly, before a minor issue becomes a major problem.
3.      If possible, volunteer-regularly or occasionally-at your children’s school. You will get to know the school better and show your child that you consider education very important.
4.      Join the PTO and attend meetings.
5.      Talk to Principal/Teacher to find out what your children will be learning each year.
6.      Ask the teacher for suggestions about how you can help your children at home.
7.      Ask about after-school programs or extra-help sessions if you think your children could benefit from these.
8.      Contact the school whenever you have questions or concerns.