Athletic Expectations

  • Be a good citizen

    • Respect all rules in school and outside.
    • Excel at family, academics and athletics.
    • Respect teammates, coaches, opponents.
    • Compete.

    Athletics is a Privilege

    • Athletics is a privilege! It is not a student’s right to participate.
    • Payment of user fee does not ensure playing time.
    • Coaching staff of each sport has the responsibility for selecting Members of Team, Level of Play, Playing Time.
    • Student-Athletes must follow all MIAA & WHS Rules

    Coach Expectations of Student-Athletes

    • Will communicate Philosophy and Team Rules.
    • Will treat all student-athletes with respect.
    • Will provide a safe practice/game environment.
    • Will provide strong training to improve ability & fitness level.
    • Will communicate what your role is on the team and how you can improve.

    Parent Expectations

    Appropriate Concerns to Discuss with a Coach

    • Treatment of your child mentally and physically.
    • Any issues that coach should know outside of school/athletics.
    • Ways your son/daughter can improve.
    • Concerns about son/daughter behavior and/or academics.

    Inappropriate Concerns to discuss with a Coach

    • Other Student-Athletes
    • Team Strategy
    • Play Calling
    • Playing Time
    • Chain of Command

    When Issues Arise

    1. Student contacts coach.
    2. Parent contacts coach.
    3. Parent contacts Athletic Director.
    4. Parent contacts AD & Principal

    Fan Behavior

    • Be respectful
    • Be loud
    • Support your friends