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Syllabus for Mr. Curran's English Class

 Syllabus for 2014-2015


Welcome to CP English!!!   I know that we will have a great year together. My classroom is YOUR classroom. This year we will start your four year journey at WHS. This syllabus will set my expectations for you this school year.


Required Materials:


*Writing Utensils

*A book to read.



*Complete all assignments on time

*Always have required materials (See above)

*Participate in class (Class discussions and readings)

*Respect each other and work cooperatively


Class Assignments Will Consist Of:




*Do Now

*Group Work

*Individual Work





When homework is assigned it is expected to be finished and handed in on time. Homework is 20% of your grade and should be a way for you to help your grade up.


Test and Quizzes:

Students will have tests and quizzes throughout the term. There will always be a review day before a test is given. (2-3 tests & numerous quizzes)



Students will be given one major project per term. Some will be group projects and others will be individual projects. Class time will always be given to students when working on these projects.


Make-Up Work:

You will have 2 school days to make up any quizzes, tests, papers, or homework assignments. If you are absent it your responsibility to check in with as to what assignments you missed. Failure to make up assignments in a timely manor will result in a zero.






There are four marking quarters. It is very important to work hard throughout the entire school year. The percentages listed below show how your grade will break down each and every quarter.


Homework: 20%

Tests & Quizzes: 60%

Projects: 10%

Participation: 10%


Classroom Rules:

*Winthrop High School policy is to be followed. This consists of:

*No food or drinks allowed in the classroom.

*No cell phones or electronic music devices.

*No headphones

*No hats

*No foul language

*While in class remain in your seats unless told otherwise.

*One person speaks at a time. The 2 ears/1 mouth philosophy.

***Treat others how you feel you should be treated!***


Extra Help:

I am available everyday after school until at LEAST 2:45 unless I have a staff meeting. I am also available to meet before school if the student gives me 24 hours notice. Check in with me during the school day to make sure I will be after school, but I am always willing and able to help you.


Student Added Rules:





WHS Phone #: 1-617-846-5505