• Pupil Personnel Services

    Pupil Personnel Services
     60 Payson Street
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    The Special Education Department for the Winthrop Public Schools serves students from age three through age 22.

    We provide a wide spectrum of services for students' with disabilities across the district. These are students who have been identified with a disability and require specially designed instruction/intervention or related service in order to access the general curriculum.

    The Winthrop Public Schools are committed to providing students with disabilities access to the curriculum and general education programs.
    "The Winthrop Public School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color. religiona, sex, sexual orientation,national origin, age, gender identity, disability or homelessness for employment, participation in, admission/access to, or operation and administration of any educational program or activity in the School District"
    As a PreK-12+ department, we have made a commitment to:
    • Provide exceptional services to students with disabilities
    • Provide services in the least restrictive environment
    • Support families of students with disabilities through the process
    • Work with the parent community to maintain a collaborative relationship in order to meet the needs of students' with disabilities from Winthrop
    We are dedicated to:
    • Using research-based instructional techniques
    • Monitoring individual student progress
    • Completing diagnostic and educationally relevant evaluations
    • Helping students achieve their post-secondary goals
    • Following the Massachusetts Special Education Regulations developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
    • For students in out of district programs, maintaining a connection their home district


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