• Curriculum Night - Overview of ELA 

    Homework 10%
    Participation (Classwork) 30%
    Quizzes 20%
    Tests/Papers/Projects 40%

    2019-2020 Year Plan:


    • Sept: Short Story Unit - learning literary terms through reading and analyzing short stories (group project with presentations scheduled for tomorrow!)

    • Oct - Nov: The Outsiders (Socratic Seminar, five-paragraph essay)

    • Nov - Dec: Grammar Unit / Different Types of Writing (biographies, speeches, fairy tales, advertisements)

    • Jan - mid-March: The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian (literature circles, Socratic Seminar, five-paragraph essay)

    • End of March - April: Night by Elie Wiesel (Holocaust Unit with Socratic Seminar, five-paragraph essay) 

    • Also during April: MCAS test prep (mixed in with Night Unit)

    • May: Poetry Unit (poetry portfolio & project)

    • June: Monster by Walter Dean Meyers (act out the screenplay, Socratic Seminar)

    • Outside Reading Tests tentatively scheduled for October 29th, January 3rd, February 28th, and May 1st 

    Make-up Work:
    Students are responsible to make up any missed work. Using the small white board at the back of my classroom, I post if they are missing a test or quiz, or if I am missing a larger assignment from them. It is then the student’s responsibility to check in with me. I inform the students that I do not chase people all over for their work. They need to take the initiative to come see me. We use Google Classroom for a lot of work, so if students are out they should check Google Classroom. Once they have returned to school, students can find any hard copy materials or assignments in the Absent Bin. 

    Additionally, if a student needs to make up or finish a test or quiz, they have 3 opportunities to make it up. Basically, I allow students two no-shows, but on the third, I grade the assessment as is. 

    Extra Credit:
    I give multiple extra credit opportunities throughout the year. In my grade book, I keep a column marked “EC” where I log students’ extra credit points earned. At the end of each quarter, I roll those points into their lowest quiz grades. If they have more points than they need, extra points roll into the next quarter.