• What online platform does the teacher use?

    I use Google Classroom


    How can parents/guardians access the information on this platform?

    You can sign up for email notifications from Google Classroom.  To sign up, send me an email at arowley@winthrop.k12.ma.us and I can add you to the list


    What information does the teacher post on this platform?

    I post class materials, announcements and some assignments.  Keep in mind, not all assignments are on Google Classroom.  I will also post quizzes and tests if they are done online.  There is not a lot of homework in my class, so don't expect to see assignments nightly on Google Classroom.


    For any further questions email the teacher at:



    Who are the other members of the Patriots?

    Science- Mr. Breau

    ELA- Ms. Cipriano

    Math- Mr. Mallios