• Winthrop Middle School Physical Education


    6th grade PE students from 2016/2017


    Instructor: Miss Degou


    Course Description

    Physical Education at Winthrop Middle School is designed to have a positive impact on student’s knowledge, attitudes and skill behaviors relative to physical education.  The main emphasis of the course is to provide students with successful encounters in exercise and physical activities that lead to improved physical fitness, a commitment to personal wellness, and exposure to life-time activities.

    The course also provides a number of unique opportunities for students to experience and develop social-emotional skills by working in small groups and team situations.  A major aim is to offer students experiences in a variety of areas from individual and small group activities to large group activities and team sports.

    Physical Education provides a platform for students to meet the physical demands of everyday life and provides opportunities to develop self-confidence, initiative and leadership characteristics.


    1)     Always be prepared for class!!

    • Sneakers are REQUIRED for all grades to participate in PE class!
    • Grade 6 & 7 are NOT required to change clothes for PE, but may change if they choose to
    • Grade 8 is REQUIRED to change for every PE class

    2)     Safety is the number one priority!

    • Spatial awareness, appropriate use of equipment, adherence to rules

    3)     Show respect for others and the learning environment

    • Respect for teachers, peers, and equipment

    4)     Put forth your best effort always

    • Stay on task, work hard, and follow directions

    5)     Encourage and support one another in all learning activities

    • Show cooperation, encouragement, positive affective behaviors,  and sports conduct


    1. Demonstrate competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few movement forms.
    2. Apply movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of motor skills.
    3. Exhibit a physically active lifestyle.
    4. Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    5. Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.
    6. Demonstrate understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity setting.
    7. Understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.



    • Students will earn points on a daily basis based on:
    • Proper activity attire
      • (6th & 7th grade sneakers only, 8th grade must bring change of clothes)
    • Demonstrate self-control and respect for others
    • Show self-direction through the ability to listen and follow directions
    • Exhibit positive effort in skill development and activity participation
    • Promote good sportsmanship


    Grading will be broken down into point Daily Grade Rubric





    Unprepared for Class

    No Participation

    Does Not Follow Class Rules


    Prepared for Class

    Minimal Participation

    Follows Class Rules Rarely


    Prepared  for Class

    Participates Some of the Time

    Follows Rules Some of the Time


    Prepared  for Class

    Participates Most of the Time

    Follows Rules Most of the Time

    Follows the Sportsmanship Code


    Prepared  for Class

    Participates the Whole Class

    Follows Rules All of the Time

    Follows the CORE values all of time

    Self Starter


    Shows Leadership to Peers


    Semester Grades:

    Each student’s daily grade will be averaged to form the semester grade.  


    Report Card Grade

    Range of Grade


    3.6 – 4.0


    3.2 – 3.5


    2.8 – 3.1


    2.4 – 2.7


    0 – 2.3


    • If a student does not participate and/or does not have sneakers (or change) more than six (6) times during one marking term he/she may not pass PE.
    • If a student is unable to participate for any reason, a note must be provided from home to be excused.  A doctor’s note is required for more than 3 days excused.

    Curriculum Activities: (subject to change based on weather or time)

    • Cooperative Activities, Hockey, Football, Soccer,  Lacrosse, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Eclipse Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Problem Solving, Weight Room (Cardio and toning), Yoga

    Locker Room Rules:

      • Appropriate behavior is expected in each locker room
      • Upon arrival to PE, report to the gymnasium first for attendance.
      • Students will then go to locker rooms to change
      • 5 minutes will be allotted for changing
      • Students can bring a personal lock to lock belongings in the locker room but it is not required.
      • NOTHING can be left in the locker room lockers after PE class ends, all items must be returned to student’s personal lockers.


    • PE Staff and WMS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items from the locker rooms. Keep all valuable items in personal lockers.