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    Instructor: Mr. Barry

    Welcome to the Winthrop Middle School ESL Education web page!

    As the ESL teacher, my goal is to provide English language support to each student whose first language is not English. As each student begins learning and using English each day, I’ll be working with them to improve their social and academic language development in English.  In other words, each student will be working to develop and use everyday vocabulary in casual conversation as well as build on their linguistic skills to accurately use content vocabulary in ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science. The main idea of ESL instruction aside from direct language aquisition and learning is to make the curriculum accessible to ALL English learners (ELs) so that they will be able to share and acquire the same knowledge base and content as fluent English speakers while simultaneously increasing their proficiency in English. Eventually, throughout your child’s time in school in the years to come, he or she will become FLUENT in English. Here at the Middle School, I’ll be working directly with your child’s classroom teachers to help accomplish the above goals from sixth grade through eighth grade.

    I invite you to contact me via email or through a written letter with ANY questions or concerns. My email is pbarry@winthrop.k12.ma.us.  I’ll be updating this webpage periodically throughout the year, providing useful links to websites and documents about ESL instruction and acquiring a second language. Through these documents and websites, you'll be able to get helpful tips on what you can do at home to help your child improve his or her reading and speaking skills in your home language as well as in English. Also, some translations (when available) will be provided for specific documents.

    Overall, we at the Winthrop Middle School would like to maximize communication with all our parents, so please use this web page to help you feel more connected to the school and to your child’s learning. You play an extremely important role in your child’s education, so let’s become more connected so we can truly see how brightly your child can shine.  A second language is not a burden; it is a great advantage which will help your child become more successful in the future.  Together we can work to ensure a brighter future for your kids.




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    ACCESS for ELLs

    Parents, remember that students take the ACCESS for ELLs exam in the months of January and February annually. It is designed as a formative way to measure their lingustic growth.

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    ESL Education: Understanding ELs and their Families

    Teachers and Administrative Staff,

    Please review this PowerPoint presentation, and leave comments or questions to my page or email me. This presentation is intended to be presented in the near future; especially for those of you who are taking the SEI training courses. For the time being, I hope it will be beneficial to you to review, and that we may discuss the implications of strengthening our …

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    Langauge and Culture

    Dear Teachers,
    The understanding and study of the various cultures and native languages of our ELs in contrast to English and our own ways of life can be very beneficial towards improving literacy instruction for such diverse learners. Essentially, this presentation represents the Spanish language and Colombian culture as an example of the latter through the perspective of a linguistic and …

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  • Barry, Patrick

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