• Current Topics and Projects

    6th Grade -  We will be reading a short play as a class ("Charlotte's Web") and exploring the the format in which plays are written. We will also explore character and how an actor find inspiration for their character in a script. At the end of reading the play, students will work in groups to select characters and "Cast" their own production of the show with famous television and film actors. Students will need to justify their choices with evidence from the script.

    7th Grade - Students will be exploring one of the most important tools an actor has: Their Voice. Students will be defining "Projection," and "Diction," and how an actor uses these techniques to make sure they are heard and understood. As a class they will learn techniques for improving and strengthening their "Projection" and "Diction," and in small groups they will create their own tongue twisters to present to the class.

    8th Grade - Students will be exploring the different roles and responsibilities of a "Production Team." (The people who put together a play). Students will work in groups to research and create a powerpoint slide that highlights various roles. Groups will then present their slides to their classmates.

  • About Daily Participation Grades

    Students receive a point value between 0-3 for their daily participation grade. These daily grades are totaled together to create their participation grade for the term.

    3 - Student is focused on the lesson. Volunteering for an activity or to answer a question. They are respectful of other classmates and are following all class and school rules. They have completed the daily task/assignment to the best of their ability.

    2 - Student is focused on the lesson for a majority (or all) of the time but have not volunteered to answer a question or participate in an activity. They have completed most (or all) of the assignment to the best of their ability. They may have been spoken to regarding respecting other classmates or following class / school rules.

    1 - Student is not focused on the lesson and has to be spoken to to return attention. They do not volunteer to answer a question or activity or they have been spoken to more then once regarding disrespect towards a classmate or class/school rule. They have completed only a small portion of the daily task.

    0 - Student is not focused on the lesson and is distracting others from the task at hand. They have been asked to leave a class due to breaking a class or school rule. They did not complete any task at hand while in the classroom