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  • Current Topics and Projects

    6th Grade -  Students are exploring character and how to create their own. In class discussions and activities will focus on exploring character's physical and personality traits. In small groups, students will create and present their own characters.

    7th Grade - Students are experimenting with one of the most important tools an actor has - their VOICE! Students will learn the importance of "projection" and "diction" and will put these skills to use during various group and partner activities.

    8th GradeStudents are learning to act without words! In class activities will include various miming games. In small groups students will create their own mime performances based on nursery rhymes. 

  • About Daily Participation Grades

    Participation is the largest part of a students grade. Students will receive daily participation stars. Stars are used to calculate your participation grade for the quarter and can be monitored on iPASS. Students will only receive pts. for the days they are present. Days where a student is absent from school or pulled from class to work with another teacher WILL NOT affect their participation grade.

     ★★★ (10pts) - Student is actively listening & volunteering in the discussion/ activity as a performer. They have completed daily tasks. They are respectful to classmates & are following all class/school rules.                                                                                        

    ★★ (8 pts) - Student is actively listening & engaging in the discussion/ activity as an audience member. They have completed all or most daily tasks. They may have been spoken to regarding class / school rules or respecting other classmates.                                                 

    ★ (6 pts) - Student is not engaged in the discussion / activity. They have completed only a small portion of daily tasks. They have been spoken to multiple times regarding disrespect or class/school rule & may have received a consequence for the behavior (ie: detention)                                                         

    No Stars  (0pts)- Student is not engaged in the discussion/activity & is distracting others from the task at hand. They have not completed ANY daily tasks. They were dismissed from class due to breaking a class/ school rule or showing disrespect. (or a larger consequence depending on the behavior)

    Note: Stars will be used for in class discussions. Points in parenthesis are how they will translate to iPass.