• Help Your Child Reach His/Her Full Potential

    Here are Dweck’s tips from Mindset:

    ·         Listen to what you say to your kids, with an ear toward the messages you’re sending about mindset.

    ·         Instead of praising children’s intelligence or talent, focus on the processes they used.

    Example: “That homework was so long and involved. I really admire the way you concentrated and finished it.”

    : “That picture has so many beautiful colors. Tell me about them.”
    Example: “You put so much thought into that essay. It really makes me think about Shakespeare in a new way.”

    ·         When your child messes up, give constructive criticism—feedback that helps the child understand how to fix the problem, rather than labeling or excusing the child.

    ·         Pay attention to the goals you set for your children; having innate talent is not a goal, but expanding skills and knowledge is.

    ·          Discourage use of labels (“smart”, “dumb” and so on) that convey intelligence as a fixed entity.

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