• MCAS 2015
    MCAS Results are used to improve teaching and learning and inform instruction. The results can be used as one means of monitoring student progress. They can also be used to help schools identify strengths and weaknesses in curriculum and instruction.
    Thursday, April 2         Grade 4 Long Composition
    In Grade 4, students are required to write a long composition. This test takes two sessions on the same testing day. The long composition consists of a writing prompt which requires our students to write a long essay, edit and revise, and copy over the final version of the work for scoring. All students are encouraged to create and utilize graphic organizers to aid in writing a cohesive, organized   composition. The long composition receives two scores, one for the organization and content of ideas (scoring between 6 - 1, 6 being the highest and 1 being the lowest) and another score for the mechanics of writing such as punctuation and spelling (scored on a scale of 4-1, 4 being the highest). In the past, students have been given prompts such as, “Describe the best day snow day you have had and explain why suing details.” The writing is scored using a rubric (content and mechanics) and the students can earn a total of 20 points toward their overall English Language Arts score on the MCAS.

    Tests will be administered in the morning. It is recommended that all testing sessions be scheduled to last forty-five minutes to an hour. However, there is in reality no time limit to the test. The MCAS is an untimed test. In the past, we have found that our students work well past the suggested testing time.Tesing sessions will not extend beyond the regular school day. 




              April 7 and April 8 
    Grade 4 ELA

    In the Reading and English Language Arts Test, each reading passage (high interest fiction, poetry, and nonfiction) is followed by multiple choice and open ended questions based upon such reading strategies as finding the main idea, author’s purpose, compare and contrast, vocabulary, details, etc. The writing passages require students to explain their thoughts in a cohesive manner that is also scored using a rubric.

    May 18 and 19 Grade 4 Math

    Students in grade 4 will participate in the mathematics test. They are asked to complete multiple choice questions, and short answer questions. Our students are asked for simple calculation responses as well as problem solving situations that use mathematics in everyday situations.