About the team

  • Who is doing the planning for the return to school?

    We have implemented a Return to School Task Force Committee to address the Initial DESE Guidelines initially focusing on the following items: 

    • Develop a Mission and Goal for the safe return of as many students as possible to in person school setting learning
    • Develop subcommittees to guide the detailed work of reopening our schools
    • Develop an outline of 3 return to school possibilities (1) in-person learning with new safety requirements, (2) a hybrid of in-person and remote learning, (3) full remote learning
    • Develop a clear set of health and safety requirements for full in-person learning in the fall, grounded in the most up to date scientific literature 

    What is the Mission and Goal of the return to school plan?

    Our Mission:The mission of the Winthrop Public Schools Return to School Task Force is to advise the Superintendent of Schools on a comprehensive plan to relaunch programs offered by Winthrop Public Schools in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. This plan will be guided by up to date research and guidelines, and will seek to: optimize safety and security for all WPS students, staff and families; reinforce principles of equity throughout the district; and communicate progress to the WPS community and beyond, so that our schools can continue to provide engaging, high quality education and related services for all.

    Goal: The goal of the Winthrop Public Schools is the safe return of as many students possible to in-person school setting, to maximize learning and address our students’ holistic needs, to provide a clear set of health and safety requirements, to prepare a reopening plan that that addresses three possible learning models for the fall (in-person learning, a hybrid of in-person and remote learning and the continuation of remote learning.

    Who is on the Task Force?

    Return to School Task Force: Core Team Members

    Lisa Howard: WPS Superintendent
    Lori Gallivan: WPS Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability
    Matthew Crombie: WPS High School Principal
    Brian Curley: WPS Middle School Principal
    Norah Grimes: WPS ATC Principal
    Ilene Pearson: WPS GFB Principal
    Tara Bouey: WPS Nurse Leader
    Petro Khieu: Technology Director 
    Jennifer O’Connell: WPS Director of Pupil Personnel Services  
    Patricia Hames: Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
    Michal Filipko: WPS Director of Facilities
    Richard Cufini: Town of Winthrop Facilities
    Anna Freedman: Assistant Town Manager/Chief Administrative Officer 
    Meredith Hurley: Townof Winthrop Health Department Nurse
    Matthew Serino: WPS Athletic Director
    Anita Prebble: Adjustment Counselor/Social Emotional Learning
    Leighann Eruzione: Community Partner
    Jennifer Powell: School Committee Vice Chair
    Kristen Reynolds: Teacher/WTA President
    Other Members: To be determined

    Subcommittees of the Return to School Task Force: (membership of each committee is in the process of development)

    Health and Wellness School Based Teams Health, Safety and Wellness
    Facilities Food Service Communication
    Teaching and Learning Facilities Transportation

    Where can I get up to date information about the progress of the planning to reopen the schools?

    This webpage will be the primary source of updates and will be updated frequently.